Chaos Greymistchild

Writer and artist; primarily writer


Pronouns: they/them; male or gender-neutral titles
Primary modes of contact: Twitter DMs or email
I write, create digital art, and sew, but primarily I write.Currently my main fandoms are: Tokyo Aliens, BNHA, Genshin Impact, Bloodborne, Jujutsu Kaisen, Fate/Stay Night & related fandoms (Nasuverse), Twisted Wonderland, A Returner's Magic Should Be Special, Cell of Empireo, Honkai Star Rail, Lessa, and more.

Moderator of

Year(s)Fandom(s)Zine NameMod Role(s)Status
2021-2022Solo LevelingARISEWritingComplete

Contributor of

Year(s)Fandom(s)Zine NameRole(s)StatusLink
2023Twisted WonderlandNightmaresWriter (Poet)Creation--
2022Pandora HeartsUnbirthdayWriterProduction--
2022Bungou Stray DogsForce of GravityWriterShipping--
2022Persona seriesPhantasiaWriterProduction--
2022Persona 5The FoolWriter (Poet)Complete--
2022CastlevaniaMidnight MelodiesWriterProduction--
2021-2022Black ButlerAfterimageWriterCompletefic
2021-2022FFVIIxXZine_of_DespairXxWriter (Poet)Cancelled Post-Productionfic
2021-2022Solo LevelingARISEWritingCompletefic
2021-2022N/A*With Bare Hands, We ReachWriterCompleteN/A
2021BleachRainbow: After the RainWriterProduction--
2021N/A*Fatality & FloraWriterCompleteN/A
2020-2021Final Fantasy VIILimit Break!WriterCompletefic

Zines that have yet to announce their lineups are not listed (x1).
Entries in the "Link" category marked as N/A will never be published on AO3 or other fanfic hosting sites.
*Fatality & Flora is a Hades/Persephone themed zine based entirely on original works
*With Bare Hands We Reach is a zine focusing on Asian mythos/history and the experiences of Asian diaspora.

Moderator of

YearEvent NameFandom
2021Solo Leveling fanweek 2021Solo Leveling

Contributor of

YearEvent NameFandom(s)Link
2022Stardust Secret Santa 2022The Mechanisms - High Noon At CamelotFic
2022Stardust Server Trick or TreatI'm a Martial Arts Villainess but I'm the Strongest!Fic
2022Horrorween 2022I'm a Martial Arts Villainess but I'm the Strongest!, BNHA1, 2
2022UraIchi Week 2022Bleach/BloodborneFic^
2021UraIchi Prompt Challenge #6Bleach, some Bleach xovers1, 2^, 2.5^, 3, 4
2021Stardust Server SustemberDream SMPFic
2021UraIchi Week 2021BleachFic
2021Unsent Letters Exchange 2021A Returner's Magic Should Be SpecialFic
2021Gen Freeform Exchange 2021Solo LevelingFic
2021Five Figure Fic Exchange 2020Solo Leveling1, 2
2020UraIchi Prompt Challenge #5BleachFic
2020Horrorween 2020A Returner's Magic Should Be Special1^, 2^
2020Alternate Universe Exchange 2020Omniscient ReaderFic
2020Crossworks Exchange 2020Omniscient Reader/Solo LevelingFic
2020Parallels Fanwork Exchange 2020The Great Mage Returns After 4000 YearsFic^
2020UraIchi Week 2020Bleach1, 2, 3
2020Villain Of My Own Story Exchange 2020Bleach, MCUBleach, MCU
2019UraIchi Prompt Challenge #4Bleach1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
2019Kitsunegeddon 2019Kick-AssFic*
2019UraMayu Week 2019BleachFic*
2019UraIchi Week 2019Bleach, some Bleach xovers1, 2*, 3*, 4*, 5*, 6*, 7*, 8*, 9
2018UraIchi Prompt Challenge #2BleachFic

*Incomplete fics
^fics that are parts of a series